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I guess i can say ive been blessed with a few good things in my life. For one i am blessed totaly. I have 2 terrific grown boys who lives out on their own now left mom. But not forgotten.  I am proud of my boys a d want them to know that they mean everythi g to me and i love you both so much kyle, christen.  😄😄
This isnt art or anything, but it might be interesting to some people to know i am a cousin to tim curry. Tim curry played in rocky horror picture show in 1975, a d home alo e, oliver twist, a d a many other movies. He also is a singer. A very good singer i might add.. He is my first cousin.  I thought i would share this to my journal. This is the first time i ever had a journal so i am not quite sure really what to put down here but i guess if its your journal you can put whatever you want.  It dont matter to me if anyone reads my journal . well i hope everyone is haveing a very good evening. So i will say good night until again tomorrow. Good night everyone.
Yes how do you really mend a broken heart? My heart was really broke whe. I had my light heart attack in nov, 2013. And when my ex boyfriend and i broke up. I will say that ive never been so inlove like i was with aaron. When i was with him my hair looked better my skin looked better i was looking great and i am not bragging. I never in all the relationships i been in did i ever felt that strong of love as i loved aaron. But aaron is mean and he hurt alot of people. People he said he said he loved.  I dont think aaron was capable of loving anyo e but his own self. I wasnt raised that way. My parents didnt fight , or beat up on each other no my parents was very loving to each other and they gave me a very good life and up bringing. Ive never been arrested, or been in jail or gotten in trouble with the law at all. And i dont plan on it. When my husband killed himself i couldnt believe it i felt as if i was in a bad night mare and for along time i couldnt believe chris was gone. All all I kept on thinking about was me and Chris's wedding day that went through my head over and over and over again. I had to be strong with my voice I had to keep strong for my boys because now I was all they had..  my oldest son turned against his dad after what.he did.  Killing himself infront of our youngest son when he was 17 yrs. Old. My oldest son was very angry with his dad. He just now started visiting his grave. I visit chris grave every other week.  I hope he can see how much our lives has cha ged sence he died.  Well i rambled on enough tonight. So i will say have a good evening folks.
Where i left off. After aaron rudely and for no reason kicked me out of his house i finally got home. Yes i will admit i was hurt because i was married for so long i forgot how to date and now after that i was. Afraid to date anybody else i was afraid it might happen again. Later that night about 2 o'clock in the morning I had my phone was getting a lot of texts and since I never really got texts at that early in the morning it woke me up and I check. In so I have checked my texts and I come to find out it was Aaron and that girl that he was out with taking pictures with their head together in his bedroom and then there was one picture that she just sent me and she was wearing one and shirts and I don't know what she had underneath that didn't work she had anything underneath it and this went on it about 4 o'clock in the morning. So I just ignore the texts and didn't and every time he text me I would just delete them and so two weeks went by and Aaron had called me again and he told me that the girl that he had went out with was a lesbian and she took him to a gay bar and he wanted to see me again but I was afraid to see him because I was afraid he might hurt me or kick me out of this house again. Set alarm started texting me and calling you texting you call me till finally I went out with him again and you were drinking and he did and he was mean to me and I took his laptop and I was going to break it crossed his bed and he grab the laptop and then he threw me out of his house can't my cell phone and called the police on me and then the police got there I told him all I wanted was my cell phone I was going to have my friends come and get me he told the cop that the first cell phone was not in his house but when the cop called my cell phone it rings inside this house and so he told him to give me back the phone and to not to call me email me to leave me alone. A few weeks later and have emailed me anyhow and he called me well I ended up moving closer to him because I need to my sister's house in two with one of my best friends and I started seeing Aaron on a regular basis on November 2012 I moved in with Aaron and we became boyfriend and girlfriend and it was nice at first but I'm New Year's Eve and got into a fight and he had slapped me and broke my nose I'm going to the hospital on New Year's Eve were at the emergency room and then after that he said he would not ever hit me again but that was a lie cuz I'm July 5th 2013 Aaron had late me and threw me around his house and hurt me really bad you put me in the hospital for a week and damage me for life well I like to the hospital and told him that my injuries was not caused by what I told them that I told him a lie that you did not do this to me. I fell and I hurt myself me and I had made this up for me even to the.  Aaron had Greg me not to put him in jail so I didn't know when home with Aaron and then four months later I had a heart attack because of all the stress and was putting me under that also when I met Aaron I weigh 230 pounds but I'm not mean Aaron broke up I only weight 93 because Aaron did not like that women and I didn't want I did not want to get fat because I have left him unconditionally I never loved anybody as much as I love. I ment to i weighed 130 pounds when I'm at Aaron I got down to 93 pounds and I was taking them because I am up I'm bipolar and after I had my heart attack when I got out of the hospital Aaron wanted to break up for good and he gave me all my stuff back and moving back with my friend my best friend and he moved into other girl in after me a day later it devastated me so bad that I just wanted to die. After 6 months of being broke up with Aaron and I was still very much in love with him he had came over to my best friend's house out of the blue without calling me or nothing he surprised me when I give him a big hug and I end up going home with him when we ended up in a fight at his house and he tried to beat me up again this time I had enough and this time I call the sheriff and I had told the sheriff everything I even told the sheriff what he did to me on July 5th of 2013 and the sheriff had talked to the detective I had to go in and talk to detective to make a long story short Aaron was arrested for what he done to me and I had to go through to primary hearings and one cord with him and the judge had sentence him twenty-five years to life in prison now he sits at the High Desert State Prison in Susanville. Not cord court i had 2 priminary hearing and aaron wanted to take it to trial so it did. Aaron is also a putting Child by two other ex-girlfriends and then me that makes three and the judge he would have only got 15 years to life but because of the three-strike law the judge put him in prison for 25 years to life and now he sits at the High Desert State Prison in Susanville where he can know never ever again hurt anybody else not me not any other woman I just feel sorry for his Twins and his mom but this is how Aaron is airing is a very mean person he's Hungarian and he's got a short temper and he likes to be the leader of the pack and just cuz he's got a lot of friends and all of that and he thinks he's big and bad and he shows off all the time now I want him to show up there and see how I hope somebody does what he did to me he hurt me very badly . The day that Aaron had beat me up so bad that he put me in a hospital for a week was on July 5th 2013 and that July 5th was the same day that my husband had committed suicide but just a different Year my husband had committed suicide July 5th 2011 and aaron had hurt me 2 yrs later on the same day july 5th 2013. I'm doing better now now that I know that in turn is locked up and he can't hurt nobody else it's funny but I'd in some way deep down I still do love Aaron and someone and somehow and some for some reason I feel sorry for him because he was the way he was I wish Aaron would have been nicer we would have made a very happy couple along with his twins but earring with his womanizing chasing other women cheating on me just he's not he's not a very faithful person in the lies about himself all the time. After all of this I'm afraid to date anybody and I have not dated anybody Since Aaron I would like to but I'm afraid that it just might be just like Aaron until I can find my true love to somebody that can love me unconditionally and we love them unconditionally thats just has to be time has to heal all wounds and so I have to wait forever then I'll wait forever if I have to be alone forever then I'll be alone forever until I can find my prince I stay alone. And I want to think Detective Tom stuff that have helped me tremendously and my da and at least that also have helped me tremendously and my best friend that had witnessed a lot of money on errands bites I cannot think them more then I have they have helped me so much and if it wasn't for them I don't know what I would have done. I am saying that this is why I keep on misspelling words cuz it's thing does not understand what I'm saying I said I want to think detective Jason pasta and my da and net Reece for all the help without them I would have never gotten to through this.
Well i am not sure where i should began so i guess i will begin here. I am Rebecca " Becky" i am also called. I have blond hair, green eyes, thin, about 5'2'. I have 2 grown boys who live out on their own. My boys are my life just like i air i cant live without air and i cant live without my boys and i dont care how old they get they will always be my babies. I guess you can say they are mommy's boys. Well i have to say that i was married to my husband for 28 yrs. But my husband had demons he never talked about. He never told me about anything that was bothering him at least he didnt tell me. But my husband had reached a point where there was no return and on july, 5th 2011 my husband had shot and killed himself infront of our 17 yrs old son. That was the worse day of all of our lives. Say the least we never lived in our home that we owned anymore. We moved out and my husbands brother remolded the house and now he lives there. My son is now 23 yrs old and for what he had seen he has tooken his dads death well and didnt need any counciling he said he didnt want it. He is the strongest boy ive ever seen.  Its been 6 yrs. Now sence my husbands suiside and we have moved on but i never will k ow what was going through my husband chris mind. Like i said he never talked of killing himself, and the day before his suiside he was extremely happy. But the next daywas a whole different story. Well on the end of 2011 4 mo after my husbands death, i met a guy on myspace name aaron vrh. He had left me a message and sent me a.friends request and he asked me if i needed my windows to my car tinted because he tinted windows. I ignored his message because i thought he was another on of those scammers myspace was full of those scammers. After a few more messages he said he owned turlock window tinting in turlock ca. And he. Tints windows from his garage at his home. And he owned turlock window tinting for 28 yrs. And he has tinted 100s of cars from all over the area. So i did some investgating and he was the real deal he really did own turlock window tinting just like he said. So we message each other back and forth, until we Exchange phone #s. So we started talking on the phone and soon went out on a date. The first date went fine, but the second date didnt. He took me to his house because he had a car he had to tint and while he tinted i hung out with him in his garage while he tinted the windows. I would go to the bathroom and when i came.back out to the garage he would be secretly talking to someone on his phone and it sounded was another girl. Well i didnt say anything because i wasnt inlove with him and at the time i didnt care. But then he started to get drunk we both were drinking but i wasnt drunk but he was getting a little drunk. He started a fight with me and kicked me out of his house and sent me walking down the street in a area in turlock i didnt know. I couldnt get a hold of my friends for someone to pick me up. I.was crying and i was nervous thinking i wouldnt find a ride back home and i lived 25 miles away from turlock. So i called my ex boyfriend. And he picked me up and took me home and was i really happy. I will cont- this journal later after a break.
I guess i can say ive been blessed with a few good things in my life. For one i am blessed totaly. I have 2 terrific grown boys who lives out on their own now left mom. But not forgotten.  I am proud of my boys a d want them to know that they mean everythi g to me and i love you both so much kyle, christen.  😄😄


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Rebecca knowles
United States
I am Rebecca Knowles I am a single mom of two grown boys that live out on their own I am a widow my husband had committed suicide on July 5th 2011. I live in Gustine California where I was raised in with the high school and graduated from Gustine High School in 1986 I have blonde hair I have green eyes I'm about 5 to and I'm very thin. I am no artist or anything like that I can't even draw good I just on here for the online journals I would like to keep a journal online and I would like to meet more friends on here nice people thank you have a nice day sincerely Rebecca Knowles.


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